Roo Rack, LLC and its host of patent-pending “Roo Rack” products came to be through a perfect storm of opportunity and ambition combining with unprecedented levels of COVID-19-inspired boredom. 

Founded in the spring of 2020 by owner, Joe Gonzalez, of Northville, Michigan, Roo Rack set out to solve the inherent compromises and constraints characteristic of carport confinement—particularly for those who enjoy kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding, surfing, biking, or any other similar outdoor pursuit. 


Having lived in various apartment communities during his undergraduate, graduate, and early professional days as a lawyer, Joe noticed that the owners of such large and unwieldy outdoor gear oftentimes resorted to using the floor of their carport to store their equipment year-round—thereby relinquishing their sole covered parking spot for non-vehicle-covering pursuits. To make matters worse, it was not uncommon to see said equipment being ‘stored’ in people’s living rooms or otherwise consuming the entirety of their balconies, patios, closets, or doorsteps.     


A devout ‘car guy’ and lifelong Midwesterner, Joe was particularly sensitive to the damage that the sun, wind, precipitation, and bird droppings can inflict on one’s vehicle if not protected from the elements. This inspired the question, ‘Why can’t people have both?’ Why must owning a kayak, bike, SUP, or other such equipment condemn apartment dwellers to forfeiting their carport spot or balcony access? Why can’t people store their equipment and protect their vehicle from the elements at the same time, under the same roof? Perhaps people who would otherwise purchase such equipment are deterred from doing so because they don’t think they have anywhere to store it? Thus, the Roo Rack was born.


Joe got to work and began designing and building prototypes in his father’s workshop. After months of trial and error, strenuous material tests, and countless design revisions, the Roo Rack line of products developed and evolved into what it is today. 

With a host of exciting new models, variations, and colors on the horizon, Roo Rack is proud to pioneer and provide a top-quality line of American-made products designed to help you organize, optimize, and conquer your carport!